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Net Worth Update: October 2010 (-0.18%)

There was a decline in my net worth as expected given that I attended a (mandatory and expensive) professional development course this month. But thankfully the increase in credit card charges was offset by an increase in my retirement fund as a result of further recovery of stock prices.

In the past two months I have cut down quite a bit on discretionary spending such as meals, entertainment and car fuel. I’ve also been smarter with grocery shopping, opting to purchase no name products and cutting down on the quantity of food purchased to ensure all perishable food is eaten before anything spoils. Overall, just being constantly aware of how and why I’m spending in order to actively control expenses. Ideally I’ll be able to remain vigilant with my spending when I’m employed but have more leeway to enjoy myself too. Unemployment is no fun.

This is probably one of the few times in my life where I want time to move a bit quicker. I’m looking forward to seeing net worth growth in the remaining two months of the year as a result of the new job. Yayyyy!! 🙂

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This past Thursday afternoon I had my fourth and final job interview for a job that I am really interested in and with a company that seems pretty amazing. That night I received a verbal job offer!! A formal written offer will be drafted next week and the only thing outstanding is the security/background check. I don’t expect anything to come up (fingers crossed. lol) and I should begin work in a little over 2 weeks from now. YESSSS!!! 🙂

This news is definitely the best I’ve had in months! The best part is that my parent’s were really excited. I know that they were concerned as I was stressing about my finances a lot. I’m also really happy because I can now lend my parent’s financial assistance (which they need).

Hopefully I’ll be able to provide some positive financial updates starting November! Can’t wait!


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Interview 3!

I have my third interview tomorrow! This time with an HR Director. Eeek. Resume practicing now! >:)

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‘Tis the Season

My favourite holiday is coming up soon! Hallowe’en!! Why? You can dress up however you like and no one can say anything. Also, everyone is just that extra bit friendly and social.

A few years ago I started making/putting together my own costume in order to save money and this year is no different. No sense in blowing $60 on an outfit you will never wear again. I also love crafting and such so this is a nice way to get my creativity out.

This year I’m dressing up as a dinosaur. Yes. You heard it right. A dinosaur (or a dragon. Same deal.). Yes, I am in my mid-twenties. Good thing I don’t look it. I never had the opportunity to be one as a child so this is the perfect opportunity. HA! It’s a simple and inexpensive costume to sew when you don’t have access to a sewing machine.

Today I purchased the materials at the local outlet mall. Breakdown as follows (all prices include 13% taxes):

  • 2 purple sweatshirts – $11.30
  • 1 orange t-shirt and mini sewing kit – $8.80

Total = $20.10 (or $15.25 if you don’t include the cost of the sewing kit which will be reused many more times)

Now I have to figure out how to turn these items into a dragon costume…. Some links I’ve found online to homemade costumes include:

I’ll update when I get somewhere in this process… >:)

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Oatmeal Chocolatey Goodness

Yum. Yum. YUM.

Nothing better to do on a Saturday night than saving money by staying in and baking 18 delectable oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. 9 of which also contain walnuts.

This is the second recipe I’ve used off Joy the Baker‘s website and I have yet to be disappointed.

Joy’s recipe for Oatmeal Pecan Chocolate Chip Cookies can be found here.

I personally would reduce the sugar and chocolate chips in the recipe a bit as I found them to be too sweet. But the bf said:

  • “These are the best cookies I’ve had in a while”, and
  • “Normally cookies don’t live up to expectations, but these do.”

Wow. Can’t argue with reviews like that. I guess I can save $5 on the fresh store-bought cookies and just make these ones next time I have a craving. They were very easy to make and I have all the baking ingredients already.

Now, I’ll be getting back to testing the rest my cookies. Quality control procedures are essential you know.

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Back on!

I just received word back that I’m through to the next round of interviews!! Awesome! So I’ll be spending the next two days prepping for the final stage of the recruiting process (two more interviews) coming up this week. This means I’m so much closer to getting a job! And in turn bring in income to reach my financial goals. SO FREAKING excited and nervous.


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Back to the Pavement

I had a second interview for a job that sounded really interesting on Wednesday. I thought I had lucked out finding a position with a great company, room for learning, decent pay and is within a short driving distance. Alas, I didn’t get a good vibe from the interviewer that day and haven’t heard anything back yet. Given that they’ve been looking for someone to fill this position for 2 months I would assume when they find the right candidate they would let them know immediately. So, I’m going to start looking for jobs again as I had temporarily put the search on hold when this potential job came up. Wish me luck!!


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I fall hard

When I fall off the budget wagon, I fall hard. I mean head first with no limbs to brace my fall.

The past week or so I’ve been spending money. LOTS of it. I’ve committed the following financial sins:

Oct/1 – Wing dinner at a local bar

Oct/4 – Chicken dinner at an awesome chicken place (paid for by the bf b/c he really wanted to go and I claimed financial poverty)

Oct/5 – Chicken dinner at the same awesome chicken place as the night before (OMG)

Oct/6 – Professional development course (this one is a necessary [financial] evil), beauty treatment ($15), interview shirt

Oct/7 – Fast food (paid by the bf, again due to my financial poverty and his love for eating out)

Oct/9 – Lunch at a fast food sandwich restaurant and another shirt for interview #2

Oct/10 – Chicken dinner, yet again at the same chicken place

I don’t know what to say… Other than the last week and a half was delicious. And falling off the wagon was the best instantaneous gratification I’ve had in a while. With that said, I can’t repeat offend. The bf has been trying to justify the spending with interview stress on my part and work stress on his side. While that could be true, I would attribute it to two other things.

1. Laziness. We were both too lazy to cook dinner the nights we ate out.

2. “Excessive” saving the last few weeks. Each individual has their own definition of “excessive saving” and I’m sure many people out there are fine eating and going out only once a month. However, we’re not like that and I’ve been cracking the financial whip a little too hard recently. I would say spending a month doing nothing to save money can cause anyone to fail. Unless you’re a financial robot (all the power to you!).

So like any other habit that needs to be broken, I will keep on chugging along and will try to limit these financial blips. Happy saving!!

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Happy (Canadian) Thanksgiving!

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving all! I will spend today gorging my face with tasty food. Hope you all are doing the same, Thanksgiving or not.


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Not so fast

An update of the goings on so far… As a result of HR’s busy schedule the telephone interview did not go through. But not to worry! As a result I went straight to the interview stage!! PHEW. I personally think it worked out better that way. The interview was today and it went well. Not perfect by any means. I wonder if they have courses on quick thinking and eloquent communication…. I’ll have to look into that one. I must admit that I had my education and designation on my side as I think it helped me to secure my second interview!! YAY!!! I’m excited as this seems like a FANTASTIC opportunity. The interview will occur sometime next week after Canadian Thanksgiving. So I’m holding my breath until then! One step closer to financial freedom!


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