Listed below is a random (constantly growing) assortment of my favourite sites.

Personal Finance Blogs

Million Dollar Journey – THE website that turned my occasional interest in personal finance into a daily habit


All Recipes – I love eating out. Unfortunately my credit card doesn’t. So I’ve started using this website every day. I use the ingredients tab to come up with recipes using ingredients that I need to use immediately. I also sort recipes by rating to get a feel of what other people like. I also sort reviews by most helpful for ways to improve existing ideas.

DIY Network – One stop shop for DIY projects!

Ikea Hacker – I shop at Ikea. A lot. More than I care to admit. Due to a mix of economic circumstance, a fear of bed bugs and other people’s dirt, and their clever business model. As a result, my apartment is a collection of birch veneer items. This website is a mish-mash of fellow Ikea-lover’s attempts at customizing/personalizing their items.


Apartment Therapy – Think you need 3,000 sq. ft. to live comfortably? Not here. I love the collection of small spaces that people ACTUALLY live in. Not just highly stylized spaces decorated with furniture which would cost months of salary to purchase.

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