Posted by: saveafewbucks | June 4, 2011

Net Worth Update: May 2011 (21.89%)

21.89%. It’s deceiving. Looks good because my NW is so low. 21.89% equates to a paltry $1,075 gain this month. Despite it small size, I’m actually quite surprised that it increased THAT much. I truthfully can’t determine how it increased so much as my spending has felt the same.

Overall the major changes were:

Cash (-$3,050)

Student Loans (-$2,655)

Credit Cards (-$1,290)

The decrease in cash is directly due to a lump-sum payment made to my student loan for the hell of it. I’ve also decided to make semi-monthly payments to my credit card. That way I’m not transferring money to/from my savings account during the month. I think I’ll have a better view of what is truly entering and staying in my savings account each month.

Up next for June is sticking to the budget I’ve set of $175 per week for all discretionary spending (groceries, fuel, eating out, etc.). To reach this goal I have to exercise quite a bit of restraint in a normal month. On top of this, I have a wedding/ wedding related event/ other special event every weekend this month. :s

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