Posted by: saveafewbucks | May 15, 2011

Mid-month Spending Review: May

I’ve recently revised my monthly spending budget from $300/week to $225/week. Sticking to it has proved difficult so far.

May 2-15, 2011

Total = $541.96 ($270.98/week)

(Over)/Under = $(45.98)/week

Breakdown by Category:

$ 20.53 Groceries
   161.12 Meals
    75.39 Clothing & Accessories
   133.20 Health & Beauty
    99.87 Fuel
    51.85 Other (gifts and parking)

Explanation for the spending above is pretty simple

  •  Total groceries of $21 vs. $161 in meals is self-explanatory. Complete fail on the part of my boyfriend and I. It all boils down to sheer laziness. 
  • Spending in all other categories were for gifts/events relating to bridal showers/ weddings/ babies of friends. This isn’t going to get any prettier this year. 1 wedding down, 4 more to go…

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