Posted by: saveafewbucks | November 1, 2010

Net Worth Update: October 2010 (-0.18%)

There was a decline in my net worth as expected given that I attended a (mandatory and expensive) professional development course this month. But thankfully the increase in credit card charges was offset by an increase in my retirement fund as a result of further recovery of stock prices.

In the past two months I have cut down quite a bit on discretionary spending such as meals, entertainment and car fuel. I’ve also been smarter with grocery shopping, opting to purchase no name products and cutting down on the quantity of food purchased to ensure all perishable food is eaten before anything spoils. Overall, just being constantly aware of how and why I’m spending in order to actively control expenses. Ideally I’ll be able to remain vigilant with my spending when I’m employed but have more leeway to enjoy myself too. Unemployment is no fun.

This is probably one of the few times in my life where I want time to move a bit quicker. I’m looking forward to seeing net worth growth in the remaining two months of the year as a result of the new job. Yayyyy!! 🙂

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