Posted by: saveafewbucks | October 12, 2010

I fall hard

When I fall off the budget wagon, I fall hard. I mean head first with no limbs to brace my fall.

The past week or so I’ve been spending money. LOTS of it. I’ve committed the following financial sins:

Oct/1 – Wing dinner at a local bar

Oct/4 – Chicken dinner at an awesome chicken place (paid for by the bf b/c he really wanted to go and I claimed financial poverty)

Oct/5 – Chicken dinner at the same awesome chicken place as the night before (OMG)

Oct/6 – Professional development course (this one is a necessary [financial] evil), beauty treatment ($15), interview shirt

Oct/7 – Fast food (paid by the bf, again due to my financial poverty and his love for eating out)

Oct/9 – Lunch at a fast food sandwich restaurant and another shirt for interview #2

Oct/10 – Chicken dinner, yet again at the same chicken place

I don’t know what to say… Other than the last week and a half was delicious. And falling off the wagon was the best instantaneous gratification I’ve had in a while. With that said, I can’t repeat offend. The bf has been trying to justify the spending with interview stress on my part and work stress on his side. While that could be true, I would attribute it to two other things.

1. Laziness. We were both too lazy to cook dinner the nights we ate out.

2. “Excessive” saving the last few weeks. Each individual has their own definition of “excessive saving” and I’m sure many people out there are fine eating and going out only once a month. However, we’re not like that and I’ve been cracking the financial whip a little too hard recently. I would say spending a month doing nothing to save money can cause anyone to fail. Unless you’re a financial robot (all the power to you!).

So like any other habit that needs to be broken, I will keep on chugging along and will try to limit these financial blips. Happy saving!!

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