Posted by: saveafewbucks | September 29, 2010

Life Limbo

My life this past week has been in a state of limbo… I’ve submitted my resume to a recruiter for a job that I’m qualified for, pays decent and is only a 4km drive away (gas will be cheaper than $5 daily transit fare). The recruiter was so gung-ho on getting me on board that she contacted me 3 times within 24 hours last week. But since I’ve submitted my application its been a whole lotta waiting. GAHHHHHH!!

She said it would likely be a telephone interview with HR and one with a member of management. So I’ve been practicing my interview questions. And waiting. Working on my t-shirt latch hook rug. And waiting. I know it hasn’t been very long (I was initially contacted last Thursday) but I HATE waiting.

I. Need. This. Job.

Once I get a job, my life can stop revolving around the job search process. I can start saving money again. I can start volunteering somewhere. I can get a hobby (other than the rug making).

I. Love. Working.

Now I wait. Fingers crossed. Hopefully I hear something positive today!! 😀

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