Posted by: saveafewbucks | September 17, 2010

Saving Kinda Feels Awesome

In my quest to survive until I find a job I’ve cut (almost) all discretionary spending. I must say that it has felt pretty darn good knowing that I am able to control myself. A skill I haven’t had in the past.

Two days ago my boyfriend made an out-of-the-ordinary comment on my frugal ways. Normally he just remarks on my obsession with finances as he peeks at my computer screen and sees my Excel budget along with various Internet browsers containing PF information. This happens almost on a daily basis. However, the other day he looked over, paused, and made a weird face. Then proceeded to tell me that he was surprised that I was actually being frugal/conservative with my money. I asked for him to elaborate. He said it was a shock since it was so easy for me to spend so much money when I was working. Little does he know, I’m still (technically) following the PF rule of spending less than you make in either case. The fact that his comment indicated that he had no faith in my money-saving abilities aside, I felt kind awesome. Like wayyy awesome.

I am working hard at not spending now so I can enjoy things (that I really want) in the future. Most of all I have some sort of financial survival instinct. I’m treading water instead of floundering at the bottom of the pool. I can be happy that I won’t end up on a Gale Vaz-Oxlade show professing to the world that I make minimum wage and love to buy new BMWs. Niiiiicccee!

Take that bf!


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