Posted by: saveafewbucks | September 6, 2010

What’s Your Spending Weakness?

The bf and I spent time with some of my university friends last night. As it always goes, conversation turned to talks of purchasing real estate. Many people I know are at the point where they’re a couple of years out of university, earn the same (or more) as the average duel income family (each), and don’t have huge ongoing financial obligations (KIDS!). As a result they have money to spend. Now real estate (condo in this case) is not a bad choice of all the potential things to spend money on. But how much is too much? As a result of my friend’s recent condo purchase, she claims that she’ll be foregoing the luxuries she was used to and will now have to live on jam sandwiches. I’m exagerating a bit, but it was the jist of what she was saying.

I have a friend who works as a waitress (and makes darn good money doing it) who spends her money taking a few exotic vacations a year.

A friend from high school, who worked at a coffee shop, saved up money to buy a Mercedes.

I spend my money on useless crap that I’ll forget about by next year. Greaaatttt… I’m the worst spender of all!

My new goal is to save for the big thing that will bring me happiness (condo, vacation, car, cold hard cash for financial security). It’ll definately help cut the junk spending.

What’s your spending weakness?

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