Posted by: saveafewbucks | September 6, 2010


Ever feel slightly geriatric? I’ve felt this way ever since I started blogging last month. I swear I never used to be this technologically inept. But even with the help of my best friend (Google), I’ve been failing at making my blog look and feel fan-diddily-astic!

Rant aside. I’ve updated my blog to include a “blogroll”… My BFF tells me that a blogroll is a list of blog links you like. Does that mean a links page outta style? And what’s the blog roll etiquette? Do I have to ask before putting someone on my blogroll?

I’ll throw caution to the wind and forego asking people. I’m also hella lazy. So checkout my blogroll (all three links!). They’re PF blogs that can keep my interest. And that’s asking a lot.

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