Posted by: saveafewbucks | August 31, 2010

Do Your Research

When it comes to making purchases I do my research. In my case, more research than the general sane person would do. Example: I spent more than an hour (see 2+, likely, I didn’t keep track) researching which travel coffee tumbler I was going to buy.

But when it comes to donating and volunteering I must say that I put very little effort into the research process. I guess I just assume that it’s all for a good cause. Then recently my friend and I volunteered for a local event which raised money for an international charity. Little did I know, the participants paid fees to enter this event and had the option of raising more money for the charity. If I had known (done my research) then I wouldn’t have volunteered for this corporate event and donated my time to an event where the proceeds (and my volunteering efforts) would be going (more so) to a good cause.

Lesson learned.

Also, during my search for local thrift stores (see yesterday’s Goodwill post) I found this article from the Salvation Army. It indicates that some clothing drop off bins you see (and may be using) are run by for profit organizations. So keep an eye out so you know who your generosity is actually helping.

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