Posted by: saveafewbucks | August 30, 2010

Shopping at Goodwill

I don’t shop at Goodwill on a regular basis. The only time I venture into the store, like many of my friends, is around Hallowe’en when I’m looking for an inexpensive and unique looking piece of clothing I likely can’t find anywhere else. Or when I want something from another era (see: sparkly top worn for retro themed party).

For whatever reason, I used to believe that everything there comes in varying shades of lime green or is covered in crushed velour. But I should have know better. I’ve been there! And donated very gently used (and embarrassingly brand new) clothes on a consistent basis. Items that I myself have worn. You will get the occasional pair of dyed fuchsia jeans however most of the items I’ve seen there are like ones you would purchase at a retail store today but at 10x the price. There are good deals to be found if you’re willing to look.

Originally I was going purchase some new white t-shirts from the local outlet mall for my DIY rug (see last post). Recently my friend’s father indicated that he scored 6 for $20 there. Awesome! I’m a sucker for deals. I could make the rug on the cheap. I also looked into purchasing a box of recycled t-shirts being sold as industrial cleaning cloths (my boyfriend works for a company that sells these and I could get a discount). Then realized I could just buy the t-shirts myself at the local Goodwill. Since I’ve donated countless t-shirts in the past, I figure there should be a large supply to be scooped up for the project.

Figure I could kill a few birds with one stone (figuratively speaking) this way. Save money, help a good cause and create in an environmentally friendly way. Neato!

Upon perusing the Goodwill website I discovered that they’re having a 75% off sale on clothing and textiles on Tuesday, August 31, 2010. Yay! So if anyone is looking for a good deal head out to your local Goodwill tomorrow! See you there!

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