Posted by: saveafewbucks | August 30, 2010

Saving Money Takes Time

Saving money takes time and patience. Patience being one of those virtues that I don’t naturally have. But I’m working on it! One of my ongoing projects lets say.

Lack of patience leads me to engage in impulse shopping. Think of something I want. Now. Go out and buy it. Vicious cycle. Since the next day I can find something else I want (or “need”). Not having money is forced patience. I think of things I want every day! But I have to be patient. Unless I want to spiral into huge amounts of consumer debt. So here I am waiting…

Other ways I’ve been working on to save money is to DIY (do-it-yourself). Such as cooking. When I have some extra funds, I plan on DIY’ing home decorating projects. Since moving to my first apartment in March I’ve realized dollars don’t go very far in furnishings. Even if you buy everything at Ikea. But it takes time. A lot of it in fact. But it will be worth it both through the money that I will save as well as personal satisfaction. I’m hoping… 😀

So here’s a preview of a project I plan on starting. And it’s intensive. As in 60+ hours. I should probably start out small but given the excess time I have on my hands right now why not?!

T-Shirt Latch Hook Rug

Never thought that rugs were expensive. But turns out they are. For a large living room size rug I could be spending a couple hundred dollars. Eeeek. Maybe in a few years. For now I’m going to try making my own.


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