Posted by: saveafewbucks | August 20, 2010

Smart Grocery Shopping

When I first moved out on my own I would look at the weekly deals for each grocery store and visit multiple stores once a week to save a few dollars here and there. But as time progressed, I slacked off on looking for deals and began making multiple visits each week to buy items that I ran out of due to lack of planning.

Today I decided was a good day to start bargain grocery shopping again… Though I’m not the type to buy the cheapest of grocery items (i.e., all no name products), I will buy more of the things I need when they go on sale and today was no different.

This week there’s a BOGO (buy-one-get-one) deal at Metro. As a result I bought 4 packs (of 24 rolls) of toilet paper, 2 Angus round roasts, cheese and miscellaneous fruits and vegetables for a total of $52.39…. With a savings of $37.99!! Yes! Assuming the stated “regular” price was correct that’s a 42% savings! And it doesn’t even include the deal on the tomatoes (which are normally more expensive at Metro). Yay!!!

Note that it just happened that the boyfriend suggested we have pot roast this weekend so it would make sense if I purchased the roasts now. I have on occassion purchased meat on special which is still sitting in my freezer… A bad habit which I’m working on. I could have also purchased to cheaper cut of meat (not Angus and the rump instead of the round), but quality when it comes to food products is one thing I don’t think I’m willing to give up for the sake of saving a few dollars here and there.

Another habit I’m trying to stick to is purchasing my premade food items at the discount grocery stores rather than regular or premium grocery stores. A brand name can of soup is the same no matter which store you go to, but the price for whatever reason never is. So I’ll continue shopping around and hopefully all my nickels saved will add up!

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