Posted by: saveafewbucks | August 19, 2010

Why blog?

Similar to many in the past, I am writing this blog in hopes that publishing my progress towards reducing my spending (to eventually become debt-free) will somehow make me more accountable for my finances.

Professionally trained as an accountant, you would figure I would be more financially responsible. But bean-counting-super-human accountants can also suffer from mere mortal money problems. I blame being a Millennial, lifestyle creep/inflation and sheer stupidity for my current situation. But what is done is done and its time to smarten up and get my priorities in order.

Here’s a little about my current situation to put my future posts in perspective:

– Spending money is my kryptonite and I’m slowly working on it

– I’ve allowed myself to get caught up in the instant gratification of spending and thus have far more debt and far less savings than a responsible version of me should have

– I have an astronomical(ish) amount of student debt at approximately $30,000

– There’s also the debt relating to my “economical” compact Japanese car. Currently 24 months left on my 48 month lease. The current payoff quote is ~$15,750. Only now do I realize this wasn’t the economical choice…

– I was laid off early in 2010 and am actively job hunting. Thus reducing my spending is now a necessity to survive.

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