Posted by: saveafewbucks | August 19, 2010

My boyfriend’s personal chef

By choice of course. Well choice and circumstance.

I used to eat out a lot. When I say a lot, I mean a disgusting amount. When I lived at home with my parents (before university) I had the benefit of home cooked meals. I enjoyed cooking the occasional meal and baking of course, but never had to do it to survive. Come university I was a tad bit useless when it came to feeding myself. First year offered the ease of a meal plan. The next four years was filled with the (very) occasional self-cooked meal, regular high-sodium low-nutritional content microwave dinner, and the (much more) often $5-10 meal purchased from the plethora of student filled food establishments within a 15 minute walk. These purchased meals were funded from a mix of student loans (which I’m paying for now) and university co-op earnings. I couldn’t even tally up how much I spent on eating out. After university, I moved back with my parents and again lived on a mix of parental-home-cooked meals and an average of 3 dinners and all lunches for the week purchased. However, the food spending managed to skyrocket to an all new high given that I was now working full-time and had quite a bit more “disposable” income.

Fast forward to today. I’ve moved out, realized how irresponsible my food spending was and have now made a promise to cook as many meals as possible. It’s hard. Eating out is easy. So our goal is to limit eating out to once a week. We don’t always succeed at this goal, but it’s a work in progress.

To assist me in my quest, I usually use the All Recipes website to come up with meals. Call me a follower, but I like to see how other people have rated the recipes before I try them. I’ve been using the site regularly for about 2 months now for all my cooking and baking. Must say that it feels great when someone compliments you on a great dish you made! Even if it was someone else’s recipe…

Hopefully this will be one of many ways to get my spending on track!


If by any chance you’re wondering why my boyfriend isn’t MY personal chef, it is due to the fact that I’m at home now and have more time to cook. I also happen to be better at it than him. I get sick of eating hot dogs and chicken all the time. 🙂

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